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Pueraria mirifica anti-aging

Eye Gel

Siam Natural Envisage Siam Eye Gel contains premium Pueraria mirifica Naturoestrol liquid extract, which enables skin water retention by promoting the production of collagen, restoring the firmness, smoothness and elasticity to skin layer.

Siam Natural Envisage Siam Eye-Gel provides liposomes with extra rich moisturizers can help lubricate and moisten dry areas, as well as stimulate the blood flow under skin layers to regenerate new cell growth while smoothing out fine lines visibly reducing depth of wrinkles, and diminishing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under eyes.

Daily application of Siam Natural Envisage Siam Eye Gel formulation with Naturoestrol extract will reduce the signs of stress, aging,& reveal a renewed youthful healthiness in the most delicate and noticeable eye areas.
Siam Natural Envisage Siam EYE-GEL

Suggested retail price
15ml dispenser
 • Provides antioxidant liposomes preventing and  repairing free radical damages.
 • Stimulates the blood flow and cell regeneration under skin layers
 • Helps restore moisture loss to the delicate eye area
 • Reduces depth of wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles around eyes
 • Softens and smoothens the eye skin
Revitalizes resilience, freshens youthfulness to the    eyes

 Siam Natural Pure Naturoestrol Envisage Siam Aloe Vera PM Eye-Gel 15ml Designer Dispenser
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Siam Natural
Pure Naturoestrol
Envisage Siam AloeVera PM Eye-Gel 30ml Designer Dispenser
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Face Creams
 Pueraria mirifica Naturoestrol
extract & Phytocellin Green Apple Stem Cell

   Phytocellin is a unique advanced Swiss Green Apple Stem Cell formulation blended with our NaturoestrolPueraria mirifica extract for an eloquent rejuvenating face cream. You should get to know the Uttwiler Spätlauber because this unique Swiss Apple is one of the most revolutionary discoveries in beauty!
Siam Natural
Nice Face Cream with rejuvenating Phytocellin™ formulation & Naturoestrol™ 15ml dispenser
$24.95 Save $10.00 Now $14.95
+ $5.00 shipping/handling

Siam Natural Nice Face Cream with rejuvenating Phytocellin™ formulation & Naturoestrol™ 30ml dispenser (sorry, 30 ml out of stock)
save $20.00 Now $29.95 + $5.00

Nice NATUROESTROL formulation Pueraria mirifica
w/ Sea Collagen 30ml designer pump

Nice NATUROESTROL formulation Pueraria mirifica with Sea Collagen 15ml
$24.95 +$ 6.00 shipping/handling 15ml

Nice NATUROESTROL formulation Pueraria mirifica with Sea Collagen 30ml
$39.95 + $7.00 shipping/handling

Facialists/Aestheticians - pure 100% organic raw Pueraria mirifica paste extract treatment 

Pure Pueraria mirifica,  NATUROESTROL pure organic paste extract

Contains more of the the amazing Miroestrol  component, a natural phyto-chemical found in the Pueraria mirifica root bulb tuber that's a female hormone receptor modulator compound! It takes nearly three kilos of the raw fresh root tuber to produce one gram of this highly concentrated 100% natural cold pressed raw paste extract! This product is best used by aestheticians & facialists for special concentrated applications for wrinkle removal treatments & anti-aging skin firming, tightening treatments. Apply w moistened cotton swab in tiny amounts.

Siam Natural Pure Naturoestrol 100% raw Pueraria mirifica paste concentrate extract
Ten (10) five gram jar regular $99.95

Now on Sale $49.98 + $3.00 shipping/handling

Breast Cream

Siam Industries International is proud to introduce our latest Siam Natural Envisage Siam PM super-natural imported tropical base skin & breast firming cream.
Increase the natural beauty of your breasts with
Siam Natural Envisage Siam PM Breast Cream contains Naturoestrol-PM-II+
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new Naturoestrol-II+ Breast Cream


 Increase the natural beauty of your breasts with Siam Natural Envisage Siam Breast Cream with an all new formulation with the addition of ingredients like organic Moringa seed oil, Joboba Oil, Aloe Vera Barbadensis Leaf Juice and healing plant oils come together to create a creme that puts the life back into your skin. Naturally occurring antioxidants, essential fatty acids and therapeutic compounds create a moisturizing whipped body creme that protects, hydrates and restores.


30 gram contents

A special safe & all natural Pueraria mirifica HG liquid extract formulation for lifting, firming & enlarging breasts with extra-concentrated Pueraria mirifica with pure Naturoestrol -II+extract and a nourishing blend of safe and effective complimentary ingredients in a new acrylic designer 30 gram jar .

 A new safe & natural nutriceutical formulation that contains both maceration PM liquid extract & our latest Naturoestrol - II+ ''green' SFE cold process super concentrated organic extract.

 This replaces our original breast cream that has decades of proven results in Thailand and has been endorsed by the world scientific community for lifting, firming & enlarging breasts with extra- concentrated Pueraria mirifica Naturoestrol ™ maceration liquid extract & Naturoestrol-II+ 'green' SFE extract for a powerful newly nourishing blend of safe and effective complimentary ingredients in a thirty gram designer jar .

Siam Natural Envisage Siam Breast Cream efficiently & naturally increases a women's bust size from one to three full sizes with continued use!

A natural product blend for lifting, firmness, and makes more youthful YOU by nourishing and enlarging the skin around the breast.
Siam Natural Nice Breast Cream is a 100% safe natural herbal formulated product & will not cause any negative side effects.

The import ingredients used are all approved by the THai FDA and registered with the US FDA as safe and effective with the natural effects produced by Pueraria mirifica, Thailand's miracle herbal compound with the rare phyto-estrogenic natural chemical compound, Miroestrol.

NEW Natural Import formulation contains both Naturoestrol-I & Naturoestrol-II+
Pueraria mirifica liquid extracts from organically cultivated HG Thai Kwao krua kao.

Use for three to four weeks to realize measurable results. For increased results, continue for a minimum three months treatment is recommended.

Siam Natural Envisage Siam tropical Breast Cream import 30 gram contents designer jar
Retail $49.95 Save 30% Now $34.95 + $6.00 shipping/handling

Directions: Simply apply a small amount of cream (enough to massage into the entire breast) and
massage using a circular motion focusing on the outer and bottom areas for 3-5 minutes until fully absorbed (avoiding the nipples).


 Pure Sea Protein Plus+ Exfoliating Facial firming & breast enhancement & enlargement cream

Exfoliating Pure Sea Protein Plus+ organic marine protein, vitamin, mineral & collagen skin nourshing facial firming & breast enlargement treament w Naturoestrol-III ™ Pueraria mirifica - the latest and most powerful facial treatment with PM and organic whole fish protein collagen extract


 PURE SEA PROTEIN Plus+ w Naturoestroil-III Pueraria mirifica is not only beneficial to rejuvenating, firming and toning skin, it's pure organic nutrition in a deep penetrating natural formula with 11 minerals and 18 amino acids.

 new 20 gram jar

Introducing Siam Natural Organics super skin nutrition firming breast enlargement cream formula with organic whole fish protein, collagen, minerals, amino acids and higher potency formula of both Pueraria mirifica SFE Naturoestrol-II liquid extract and Naturoestrol-I maceration liquid extract

Siam Natural PURE SEA PROTEIN Plus+ Read more

$119.95 retail SAVE 1/3 off introductory offer
$79.95 + $8.00 shipping/handling

Pure Sea Protein Plus+ Facial
20 gram designer dispenser
Now 29.95 + $7.00 shipping

Siam Natural Cool Carotenoid Moisturizing Nutriment Skin Cream  

100% organic Green Marine Protein, Sea Collagen, Minerals & 18 Amino acids

Introducing Cool Carotenoid next generation natural super-fruit functional skin food nutrition restores glow, smooths & firms facial muscles.
Of all the news coming from the beauty community, the loudest buzz may be about the power of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to give skin a more radiant, healthy, and, yes, youthful glow!
The rare Asian superfruit, Momordica Cochinchinensis is a premier source of natural beta-carotene and lycopene. Carotenoids present show a total concentration of 5700 μg/ml, with 2710 μg of that being beta-carotene and include super high levels of vitamin natural A, C and E.

30 gram designer jar
$39.95 + $6.00 shipping Now $24.95 Limited Time Offer

read more about ladies & men's natural hormone balancing options with Pueraria mirifica & Butea superba Naturoestrol extracts
Cool Carotenoid Cream

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Nice Breast Cream 10ml, Uttwiler Spätlauber green apple stem cell Phytocellin Face Cream 5ml, Sea Collagen Face Cream 5ml, Eye-gel 5ml, 75% Naturoestrol in 25% Jasmine Rice Bran Oil 15ml, Envisage Herbal Facial Treatment 5ml, Pure Pueraria mirifica Naturoestrol edible liquid extract 2ml
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Pueraria mirifica is not recommended for pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, or women diagnosed with known preexisting medical conditions such as tumors of the breasts or female organs.
Pueraria mirifica is a female hormone receptor modulator not a hormone replacement treatment Stop use during menses.

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