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Tongkat Ali Thai name: Plaplai Phueak
(Eurycoma Longifolia Jack)
A truly effective ED remedy for men & authentic pure root herb libido enhancer for women & men

Pure Siam Natural™  Plaplai Phueak (TONGKAT ALI) extract from Thailand is the #1 authentic 100% pure natural brand export to Malaysia & worlwide in 400mg Veggie caps.

Plaplai Phueak (Tongkat) Ali has several active compounds in a group of terpenoid and alkaloid compounds believed to have potential such as on sexual activity as suggested by Baker et al. (1999).

southeast Asian Eurycoma longifoloa tree rootextract specifications
50 kg of Plaplai Phueak [Tongkat ali]
Eurycoma longifolia jack root produces 1kg of pure powder extract    
The 1st stage liquid extract is then manufactured into high potency powder through the latest SFE cold extraction process which renders nutraceutical grade edible extract.

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So, what's the catch? As always there are those people selling bogus or diluted Tongkat Ali. As a matter of fact, the Malaysian government has banned the export of their Tongkat Ali root to protect its natural habitat from being desecrated due the the popularity in the authentic root powder. It's estimated that the majority of the eurycoma longifolia currently on the market is a less potent variety from Indonesia that is even further diluted with other compounds marketed under various brand names.

"I have personally tested various extracts of eurycoma longifolia in different doses and realized that it has additional side effects not often mentioned in articles or in research papers. Many of my friends and patients have given me feedback regarding their personal experiences with eurycoma supplements. I am convinced that high doses can cause increased body temperature, which is not a good thing during hot and steamy days without air conditioning, but a good thing if you live in Alaska or enjoy taking a walk outside in cool weather. Some people find that when they take a high dose, they become restless and impatient, perhaps easily angered. Therefore, you don't want to swallow several capsules of eurycoma pills if you expect to be driving in heavy traffic. So, be patient and taking lower doses".Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D.
It should be further noted from Dr. Sahelian's Tongkat Ali product label: "Other ingredients include magnesium stearate, gelatin, & rice flour". Read the research

Traditional uses
Eurycoma longifolia Jack commonly has been successfully used in southeast Asia for generations to increase male virility and sexual prowess.

Agylcon (the nonsugar component of a glycoside molecule that results from hydrolysis of the molecule)
Flavonols: Quercetin, Myricetin and Kaempferol were confirmed by direct comparison with the standard chemicals.
Five flavonol derivatives were identified from E. longifolia

Composition and chemical analysis
Some of the substances in the bark include quassinoids, squalene derivatives, biphenylneolignans, tirucallane-type triterpenes, canthine-6-1, and beta-carboline alkaloids. Additional substances include eurycomanone, longilactone, 14,15beta-dihydroxyklaineanone, 15beta-acetyl-14-hydroxyklaineanone, 6alpha-hydroxyeurycomalactone, eurycomaoside, and eurycomalactone. Eurycomanone is a bioactive quassinoid. Beta-carboline alkaloids are also present in the root.

Tongkat Ali: A review on its ethnobotany and pharmacological importance.
Fitoterapia. 2010. Bhat R, Karim AA. Food Technology Division, School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia,, Penang, Malaysia.
The plant parts have been traditionally used for its antimalarial, aphrodisiac, anti-diabetic, and antimicrobial activities, which have also been proved scientifically. The plant parts are rich in various bioactive compounds such as eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, eurycomalactone, eurycomanone, and pasakbumin-B among which the alkaloids and quassinoids form a major portion.

Eurycoma herb has been used in Thailand, Malaysia, and other southeastern Asian countries as a sexual stimulant, energy booster, and to fight malaria. Extracts of the plant have been shown to possess cytotoxic, antimalarial, anti-ulcer, antipyretic and plant growth inhibition activities.

How long does it take to work?
Unlike prescription medications that are used for impotence or erectile dysfunction, eurycoma does not work in an hour. It normally takes one to four days for this herb to enhance sexuality. The quickness of the sexual benefits depends on dosage, and higher amounts will provide sexual enhancement the first day. However, adverse effects are much more likely on these higher dosages. If you have any medical problems, taking medications, or are over the age of 50, discuss with your doctor before using Tongkat Ali supplements.
Blood pressure medications - If you have moderate to severe hypertension, we suggest not using Eurycoma products unless the dosages are very low.

Side effects, risks, safety, danger, caution
Eurycoma herb is very potent and side effects can occur quite easily. These include excess energy, restlessness, aggressiveness leading to arguments, increased body temperature, sweating, rapid heart rate, and insomnia. These adverse effects can be reduced by taking smaller dosages.

Animal Studies
Sexual enhancement, libido, erectile function, impotence

Influence of Eurycoma longifolia on the copulatory activity of sexually sluggish and impotent male rats.
J Ethnopharmacol. 2009. Department of Biomedical Sciences, Section of Pharmacology, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Modena, Italy.
In the study we evaluated the influence of Eurycoma longifolia Jack on sexual behavior (including both motivation and copulatory performance) of sexually sluggish and impotent male rats. The root powder of the plant was orally administered to adult Sprague-Dawley male rats, classified as sexually sluggish or impotent taking in account their behavior in pre-experimental tests. Groups of 8 animals each were submitted to three different types of treatment: (1) acute at 3 dose levels (250, 500 and 1000 mg/kg); (2) subacute (daily for 6 days) at the dose of 500 mg/kg and (3) subchronic (daily for 12 days) at the same dose (500 mg/kg). Mount, intromission and ejaculation latencies and post-ejaculatory interval were recorded during the mating test in order to evaluate sexual performance. In addition the partner preference test was used to assess sexual motivation. Testosterone serum levels were measured in subacutely treated rats and compared with the values of controls receiving vehicle. Eurycoma longifolia root improved sexual performance but not motivation in sluggish rats after acute or subacute administration. The effect could be mainly ascribed to increased testosterone levels.

Sexual arousal in sexually sluggish old male rats after oral administration of Eurycoma longifolia Jack.
J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacol. 2004; Ang HH, Lee KL, Kiyoshi M. School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University Science Malaysia, Minden, Penang, Malaysia.
The objective of this study is to evaluate sexual arousal in sexually sluggish old male rats, 24 months old and retired breeders, receiving 200, 400, or 800 mg/kg of various fractions of E. longifolia Jack, twice daily, for 10 days. The aphrodisiac effect was monitored by the act of yawning and stretching because yawning, either alone or associated with stretching, is considered an ancestral vestige surviving throughout evolution that promotes sexual arousal. The results showed that 800 mg/kg of E. longifolia Jack increased yawning by 50% and stretching by 16% in sexually sluggish old male rats, by 700% and 150%, respectively, in sexually active male rats, and by 30% and 100%, respectively, in middle aged, 9 months old and retired breeders. We conclude that the results of this study support the folk use of this plant as an aphrodisiac.

Eurycoma longifolia Jack enhances sexual motivation in middle-aged male mice.
J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacol. 2003; Ang HH, Lee KL, Kiyoshi M. School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University Science Malaysia, Minden, Penang, Malaysia.
Eurycoma longifolia Jack was investigated for sexual motivation activity in adult, middle-aged male mice and in retired breeders. Each mouse received 500 mg/kg of one of 4 fractions of E. longifolia, viz. chloroform, methanol, butanol, and water, whereas the mice in the control and yohimbine groups received 3 ml/kg of normal saline and 30 mg/kg of yohimbine daily respectively for 10 d. The results show a transient increase in the percentage of male mice responding to the right choice after chronic consumption of the fractions with 50 percent of the adult middle-aged male mice treated with E. longifolia Jack and yohimbine scoring the right choice after 8 and 5 days post-treatment respectively. In conclusion, this study has shown that Eurycoma longifolia Jack continues to enhance sexual motivation in adult, middle-aged male mice and in retired breeders.


• Estrogens and testosterone are the major sex hormones essential in sexual functioning.

• Both classes of hormones are present in males and females alike, but in different amounts.

• Men generally produce around 6-8 mg of testosterone per day, compared to most women who generally produce around 0.5mg.

• Estrogens are also present in both sexes, but of course in larger amounts for women.

• Premature aging, illness, certain medications and chronic illness all affect your body's hormonal balance, sometimes causing drastic changes in sexual interest and ability.

More awareness has been gained regarding the importance of sexual health since the World Health Organization (WHO) stated over 25 years ago that "There exist fundamental rights for the individual, including…freedom from organic disorders, diseases and deficiencies that interfere with sexual and reproductive function". However, even today there are still many obstacles that prevent this from becoming a reality. This is a general lack of understanding of the relationship between your general health and your sexual function and abilities.Various factors limit your sexual interest and capacity as you age. Heart disease, diabetes, depression, obesity, and digestive, hormonal and nervous system disorders can all seriously lower your abilities and confidence in the sexual arena.

The American Association of Retired Persons has done numerous studies and surveys to find out how non-prevention of such problems in early years has effected lives latterly (in both general health and sexual function and enjoyment).

As well as producing many individual facts and figures, their overall findings can be summarised in one sentence… "Sexual health is not only an important part, but an essential element of the quality of life of adults over the age of 45."

Revelations regarding the effects of prescriptive treatments are also continuously brought to our attention. Preventative measures, general nutritional health, lifestyle and exercise continually prove to be the way ahead to maintain your level of sexual health throughout life.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longfolia). One study on rats using Tongkat Ali showed a significant increase in testosterone. [1]
This has not been verified in humans however. One set of researchers in Brazil noted that Tonkat Ali's true powers seem to lie in its ability to halt the "inhibitory effects of estrogen on testosterone production." [2]
They further noted something very important for many guys: "where there is an excess of estrogen or deficiency in testosterone, EL may be able to act as a remedy for the condition." Of course, a low testosterone, high estrogen state is what a large percentage of males struggle with in modern, industrialized societies and so Tongkat Ali may be a significant help in these situations.

NOTE: . [11] Men have been using Tongkat Ali for years seemingly without issue.


1) Fundam Clin Pharmacol, 2002 Dec, 16(6):479-83, "Effect of Eurycoma longifolia Jack on orientation activities in middle-aged male rats"

2) Clinics (Sao Paulo). 2010 January; 65(1): 93–98, "The Effect of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack on Spermatogenesis in Estrogen-Treated Rats"

11) Planta Med, 2002 Jul, 68(7):662-4, "The toxicity of some quassinoids from Eurycoma longifolia"

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research docs;

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