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Kwao Kreu Kao Pueraria mirifica


Kwao Krua Kao Kwao & Kwao Kreu Dang are organic ethno-botanical root bulb herbs. The fresh ground herbal root powder compounds fromThailand have been used successfully for hundreds of years as an herbal hormone health rejuvenation tonic and later as a holistic massage body and skin treatment.


Instructions for Kwao Krua Kao

The simple method to ingest Kwao Krua Kao (pueraria mirifica) is strained brewed in a cup of herbal tea morning and evening. The normal recommended dose according to researchers 50-100 mg per day. 200 mg per day for the first month will help boost and normalize depleted hormone levels.>/font For a topical application dissolve Kwao Krua Kao in mineral water to make a paste, or blend in carrier oil (we recommend organic cold pressed macadamia or brown rice bran oil) and massage into the desired areas of the skin; face, hands, neck, breasts, buttocks, etc. for optimum hormonal replenishment and skin rejuvenation. read about cold pressed macadamia oil and brown rice bran oil in accompanying documentation on this web site. Kwao Krua Kao blended with cold pressed organic macadamia oil and/or brown rice bran oil is the ultimate organic facial treatment for a skin rejuvenating smoothing, softening, firming and removing wrinkles.Thailand’s tropical rainforest ethno-botanical Kwao Kreu root bulb herb contains natural super phytoestrogenssimilar in chemical structure to human estrogen and will raise human female hormone levels as a result of Kwao Kreu Kao’s high concentration of organic miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol – which mimic the chemical structure to the human hormone, estradiol. Traditional use by Thailand hilltribe native people was as an anti-aging health tonic.For women seeking breast firming and/or enhancement, depending on your body size you will notice firming and enlargement within the first month. Kuhn Samron, a certified Thai herbalist and the grower recommends brewing Kwao Kreu Kao with Kwao Kreu Dang in a cup of tea twice a day. Additionally, Kwao Krua can be applied in a mixed solution (mineral water or massage oil) directly to the desired areas topically (as a face mask, etc) before bedtime initially and rinse in the AM. After the first month you may wish to reduce that amount> during menstruation, while nursing, if you are pregnant, or if you have medical history of tumors in estrogen sensitive areas (female organs). Not recommended for women under 20 years old

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