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Our Herbs

The Research

Kwao Krua Kao
“White Kwao Krua [Kao] and Red Kwao Krua [Dang] are two of the four Kwao Krua types which have been included in the recipe of northern Thai traditional medicines for centuries. Previous research has reported that at least three important groups of chemicals were found in White Kwao Krua: coumarins, flavonoids (daidzein, daidzin, genestin, genistein, puerarin) and chromene (miroestrol). The claim of antiaging and rejuvenation appears to be from these compounds, especially miroestrol which is a known potent estrogenic principle.”
Ingham et al., 1986

Chi Wu Cha
“ Researchers found Eleuthero­coccus [Chi Wu Cha] decreases adrenal hypertrophy and the subsequent depletion of adrenal vitamin C levels in stressed rats ... In addition to its anti-fatigue and anti-stress effects, the plant also exhibits immunomodulatory effects. One study found intraperitoneal (i.p.) administration of an extract (primarily eleutherosides B and D) increased the cytostatic activity of natural killer cells by 200 percent after one week. Another in vitro study confrmed a liquid extract of the root inhibits replication of RNA viruses (human rhinovirus respiratory syncytial virus, and infuenza A virus).”
Alternative Medicine Review

Kwao Krua Dang
“ Red Kwao Krua [Dang] has been used traditionally for men as a phytoandrogen in many Thai folk medicinal recipes. It has been found to contain butenin and butin as well as other compounds that are also found in White Kwao Krua.”
Manosroi et al., 2002

“ The rinds of the fruit [Mangkhut] have been used as a traditional medicine in Thailand for the treatment of trauma, diarrhea, and skin infections. The xanthones, a- and c-mangostins, are major bioactive compounds found in the fruit hulls of the mangosteen. ”
Food and Chemical Toxicology

Makham Pom
“ [Makhom Pom derived] polyphenols have been shown to have numerous health protective benefits, including lowering blood lipids and blood sugar, enhancing blood circulation, and blocking the action of carcinogens, which together contribute to the antiaging effect.”
Institute for Traditional Medicine