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                  Pha Krabit aka: TWISTED JUTE Serve hot or cold Helicteres isora L.  



A Super Natural Organic Asian Health Tea - prevents disease - promotes longevity

Numerous Benefits of this rare health tea include;

• Treats migraine headaches, body aches, skin allergies & joint/back/muscle pain

• Lowers cholesterol

• An effective anti-oxidant

• Helps prevent cysts & tumors & shown in vitro to inhibit cancerous cells

Balances blood sugar

• Treats diabetes-II

• Balances endocrine/over active or abnormal pituitary hormones to prevent hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism upsetting the body's chemical balance

• Weight control - Obesity

• Balances deficiency of thiamine/vitamin B1

• Protects liver & kidneys as a tonic cleanse

Contains Cucurbitacin B & Isocucurbitacin B + 3 more newly discovered natural phyto-chemicals that inhibit the proliferation of cancerous cells

Pharmacopoeia of Thailand; The bark & roots of 'twisted hemp' is used in traditional folklore medicine to treat various conditions such as over active pituitary (which effects the thyroid gland), lower body pain, diarrhea, swollen, joints, sprains, diabetes II, & high blood pressure. A hypercholesterolemia tea (lowers cholesterol), Pha Krabit is good for weight loss, beriberi (deficiency of thiamine/vitamin B1, which affects the heart-cardiac dilatation, fatty degeneration, peripheral nerves), allergies, muscle/joint/back pain, including migraine, plus acts as a liver and kidneys cleanse as a general tonic. Especially revered by women prone to cists/tumors breast, colon, & ovarian cancers, this herb is only known in rural areas where folklore medicine is passed from word of mouth from mother to daughter. Little is known to the majority of the Thai population or the world in general. The scientific community took interest over the past 15 years with numeroous studies producing scientific documentation & newly discovered phyto chemicals from research projects in Japan, Thailand, India and elsewhere.

Botanical name: Helicteres isora L.(Sterculiaceae) A powerful anti-oxidant, & cytotoxic agent used to inhibit the proliferation of cancerous cells. Components include; newly discovered Cucurbitacin B and Isocucurbitacin B. Three additional new compounds; 4-ObD-glucopyranosyl * rosmarinic acid (2), 4, 4-O-di-bD- glucopyranosyl rosmarinic acid (3) and 2R-O-(4-ObD- glucopyranosyl caffeoyl)-3-(4- hydroxyphenyl) lactic acid named as 4-ObD-glucopyranosyl isorinic acid (4) were isolated.

"Through the hormones it produces, the thyroid gland influences almost all of the metabolic processes in your body. Thyroid disorders can range from a small, harmless goiter (enlarged gland) that needs no treatment to life-threatening cancer. The most common thyroid problems involve abnormal production of thyroid hormones. Too much thyroid hormone results in a condition known as hyperthyroidism. Insufficient hormone production leads to hypothyroidism".

Pha Krabit
Helicteres isora L. aka: Po Pit / Twisted Hemp

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Pha Krabit Helicteres isora L. aka: Po Pit / Twisted Jute
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directions: boil water, lower heat and add a few twisted jute pods per liter of water - Let steep/simmer until light golden color. Serve hot or chilled.

Noted in Thai traditional folklore medicine to be especially beneficial to women's health

"The extract caused significant decrease in body weight but did not affect the liver enzymes in rats.
Analysis shows it contains (anti-oxidants) saponins, flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins, plobatannins and
glycosides reducing sugars and anthraquinones. These results also show the extract of (Pha Krabit)
Helicteres isora is relatively safe toxicologically, thus the traditional folkloric tea remedy as an oral
health tonic and antidiabetic is relatively safe when used over time".

International Journal of Pharamcology, 3 (1): 96-100, 2007 ISSN 1811-7775 Asian Network for Scientific Information

Treats Allergies
* Rosmarinic acid has been shown to exhibit anti-oxidative (Gao et al. 2005), anti-inflammatory (Osakabe et al. 2004), and anti-allergic (Sanbongi et al. 2004)
Oral administration was shown to result in significant decrease in respoonder rates in nasal fluids of the patients (Osakabee et al. 2004)

Plant Biotechnology 23, 297-301 (2006)

Antibacterial & antiplasmid activities Helicteres isora L. 
The results (from this study) have offered organic extracts of (Pha Krabit) Heleteres isora L. as a new and safe plasmid (loss of resistance to antibiotics) curing agent. These finding resulted in the possibility of a new type of combination between antibiotics and potential drugs effective against plasmid encoded multiple antibiotic resistance.
Identification of a novel curing agent derived from plant is significant, since majority of natural products are non toxic to human and environment.

Department of Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Department of Biotechnology, Modern College, Ganeshkhind,
Pune & Organic Chemistry, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India

Indian J Med Res 132, July 2010, pp 94-99

Antioxidant and anticancer activity of Helicteres isora dried fruit solvent extracts.
The antioxidant activities measured in hot water extract of H. isora showed IC50 value of 25.12±0.18 µg/mL, which was comparable to that of ascorbic acid (IC50 2.75±0.29 µg/mL). Cell cycle inhibitory activity of Helicteres isora against tsFT210 cell line was reported by Quinchun et al. (2005).

(Pha Krabit) Helicteres isora Linn. is a rich source of medicinal compounds with a wide range of properties (Bapalal, 1982), which is also known as Avartani in Ayurveda (Yoganarasimhan, 1996). Tribals of Wyanad, Malappuram and Palghat districts of Kerala, India used Heleicteres isora plant extracts for its anticancer properties (Mathew and Unnithan, 1992). Traditionally, the root juice and bark of H. isora were used against emphysema and diabetes. It is also used as expectorant, astringent, antigalactagogue, to reduce gripping and a cure for snakebite (Kirtikar and Basu, 1993, Singh et al., 1984). Helicteres isora fruits are used as astringent, stomachic, vermifuge, vulnerary and useful in bowel gripes (Chopra et al., 1956).
The present study was aimed to assess the antioxidant and anticancer properties of dried fruit extracts of H. isora considering the above facts.

J.Acad. Indus. Res. Vol. 1(3) August, 2012 ISSN 2278-5213


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