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Organic Thanaka powder Spa Facial & yellow correcting make-up base

Top Spas In NYC: How To Get Clean, Clear Skin  Buy organic Thanaka powder for natural soft skin

The top spas in NYC are discovering what the ageless beauties of Myanmar have known for over 2200 years. For centuries, Burmese women have used thanakha as a cosmetic as well as an invaluable conditioner for their flawless skin. Ritually applied first to the ears, then throat and finally the face, the yellowish paste is often simply smeared upon the face. Sometimes elegant artistic stencils are drawn in the paste, most common is a lovely leaf pattern.

Thanakha Protects Your Skin From Sun Damage

As one of their most prized and best natural face care products, Burmese women from all walks of life have long appreciated the sun-screening properties of Thanakha. Thick layers of the paste protected the skin of women working under intense heat in rice paddies. The tannic acids of the bark used to produce Thanaka protect the skin from ultraviolet rays – decreasing the chance of free radical damage and premature aging skin.

How Thanakha Cleanses Skin

These acids also have a skin tightening effect on the skin. Thanakha is antiseptic and anti-fungal and has been useful in clearing and preventing acne. The flawless skin of Burmese women is the perfect ad campaign for this cool, fragrant astringent and an example of how to get clean, clear skin. It reduces excess oil production, while keeping the skin moisturized. In addition to being used as facial powder, it is an effective base for makeup and a daytime oil controller. It is 100% organic with no known side effects or allergies.

Despite the abundant availability of modern cosmetics and facial care products, Thanakha remains the favorite among Burmese women and women in neighboring countries such as Thailand. It is now packaged in paste and powder form but is most desirable in its raw form.

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      Natural Thanaka Facial Conditioner         Natural Thanaka yellow base make-up

a finely ground wood bark moisturizing powder & refreshing natural facial conditioner for anti-aging, smoothing, brightening, and skin softening

Limonia acidissima


Natural Skin Conditioning, Lightening, and Brightening base make-up and spa facial treatment
Limonia acidissima, Rutaceae, Dimeric coumarin, Limodissimin A, Anti-neuroinflammatory
effect.The Limodissimin component is a natural yellow gum derived from finely ground tree bark.

Chemical investigations on Thanaka (Limonia acidissima L.Rutaceae) have isolated various constituents, including coumarins,
steroids, triterpenoids, benzoquinones, and tyramine derivatives from different parts of this natural source.1-6 Particularly,
plenty of interesting coumarins,1,2,7 some of which, exhibiting anti-fungal activity have been reported in L. acidissima.
3,8 ‘Thanaka’, a root paste made from the pulp of L. acidissima,is a facial cosmetic to remove small spots and lesions on the skin.

Limonia acidissima is the only species within the monotypic genus Limonia, native to Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Java.
Common names include wood-apple, elephant-apple, monkey fruit, and curd fruit and a variety of names in the languages of its native area. Since ancient times Burmese women have used the wood and bark extensively as a natural cosmetic, sunscreen, skin preservation treatment, and insect repellent. Applying Thanakha to the face and skin makes it smooth, clear, and cool. It controls oiliness due to its lite astringent qualities.

To make the Thanakha cosmetic, the wood and bark is finely ground and mixed with water. The liquid paste produced has an aromatic fragrance and is the favorite natural skin beautifier in Myanmar for ladies from all walks of life.

Burmese Thanaka - organic powder make up base, UV sun screen & conditioning spa facial treatment

 •  Increases the production of collagen and elastin to prevent wrinkles and skin aging
 •  Moisturizes and hydrates aging skin
 •  Controls Excessive Facial Oil, Removes Serious Acne, Pimples, Blackheads and whiteheads
 •  An effective yellow make-up base or liquid foundation

Thanaka is also a natural mild treatment for reduction of:
•  Freckles
 •  Dark inner elbows & knees
 •  Sun spots
 •  Acne scars
 • Melasma
 • Hyperpigmentation
 • Senile lentigines
 • Birthmarks
 • Age spots
 • Liver spots
 • Old scars
 • Chloasma
 • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

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Thanaka powder (Limonia Acidisima)


Thanaka Facial Powder & Spa Treatment Limonia acidisima tree bark & heartwood powder skin care and spa massage compound product
$99.99 + $44.00 shipping/handling (1) kilo sealed plastic package
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